How Postnatal Massage Can Benefit New Mums

Having a baby can be an exhausting and stressful time, and post natal massage can really help to soothe new mums in the first few weeks after the baby has arrived.  If you've never considered having post natal massage before, read on to find out why you should consider giving it a try.

The benefits of post natal massage

Giving birth can place a great deal of strain on your body, resulting in sore muscles and tension, in particular around your stomach, lower back, and pelvic areas.  Massage encourages your muscles to relax and helps to improve your circulation, bringing more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to your tired muscles.

A relaxing massage can also help your body to release hormones called endorphins.  Endorphins encourage feelings of happiness and well-being, whilst also blocking pain, which can be a real help in avoiding the onset of postnatal depression.

If you're breastfeeding, massage can help to stimulate your body to produce oxytocin, which triggers the let-down reflex, encouraging the release of milk.  A massage can also help to loosen clumping and blocked ducts in the breast, potentially reducing the risk of mastitis.

Above all, a relaxing post natal massage can give you a break from the hassle and stress of looking after your newborn, especially if it is your first child.  To gain full benefit from your massage 'me time', it's helpful if you can find someone to look after the baby, preferably out of earshot, while you enjoy some peace and quiet. 

Post natal massage and caesarean births

You can still enjoy the benefits of a post natal massage if you have given birth by caesarean section, although it is best to wait until your scar has healed before you begin having massages.

Although you should avoid having pressure placed around your scar or over your abdomen, you can still enjoy having your back, head, arms and feet massaged.  Once the scar has healed completely, a gentle massage over the area can help to prevent adhesions forming in the deep tissue layers beneath the operation site. 

If you have had a caesarean section birth, always check with your doctor before you start having post natal massage therapy sessions.

In conclusion

Post natal massage therapy sessions can be carried out in your own home or in a local salon or spa and can be of real benefit to new mums.  Always check that the therapist has experience in providing post natal massage therapy, especially if you've had a caesarean section.

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