Spa Treatment Tips: Maintaining Your Skin After a Facial

Regular facials are beneficial for maintaining your health and complexion. Professional treatments at a spa will help minimise the toll of external factors such as the sun, dirt and poor skin care habits. In general, one will notice a significant improvement in the texture, appearance and health of the skin after the facial. Unfortunately, the results achieved are not everlasting. If you do not care for your freshly treated skin, you will have to deal with the frustration of premature degradation of the results. Here are practical tips to help you keep your skin in exceptional condition for longer.

Avoid Using the Sauna

If you are planning on getting a facial in a spa, you might be tempted to relax in the steam room after the treatment. This practice can be highly detrimental to your skin. Typically, the skin is cleaned and steamed during the facial to ensure good results. If you expose your body to more hot vapour, it might become sensitive and the delicate cells might sustain damage. However, you do not have to sacrifice your sauna time. If you would like to enjoy this amenity during your spa day, you should make your visit before getting your facial.

Do Not Pick the Skin

Skin picking is not an uncommon habit after facial treatments. Often, people attempt to remove any imperfections which might still be remaining on the skin. For example, tiny blackheads and whiteheads can be irritating to look at after the facial. Unfortunately, picking out the blemishes from your sensitive skin after treatment will cause more harm than good, including irritation and possible scarring. You should remember that your facial expert will leave some lesions on the skin because removal could injure your face. Therefore, you should keep your hands away from your face.

Control Cosmetics Use

You should control your use of cosmetics and other facial products after the facial treatment. Ideally, you should take a break from your heavy makeup after your spa day. The facial involves deep cleansing of the face, a process which opens up the pores more than usual. If the skin is exposed to bacteria, it will be more susceptible to infections. Therefore, you should follow your expert's advice on resuming your normal make-up routine. Also, you should remember to clean your makeup tools before use. Additionally, you must allow your skin to be completely restored before exfoliating or scrubbing. 

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