Why You Should Get an Oxygen Facial After Your Vacation

Have you ever returned from a beach vacation to find that your skin's taken a beating? If so, consider an oxygen facial after your next trip. During an oxygen facial, mineral-enhanced pressurised oxygen is painlessly infused into your skin to refresh and rejuvenate you. Here are 3 ways an oxygen facial will ensure you get that post-vacation glow you were hoping for. 

It Makes Up for Lack of Exfoliation

With baggage weight restrictions and rules on which toiletries you can keep in your carry-on, it can be hard to keep up with your usual skin care routine. Often, exfoliating scrubs are one of the first items people decide to leave at home. If you don't exfoliate on your vacation, you'll have a lot of dead skin build-up on your face when you get home. An oxygen facial is a great way to remedy that. Before beginning your oxygen treatment, your skin care specialist will gently exfoliate dirt, oils and dead skin cells from your skin. The treatment will then stimulate the rapid growth of new cells, leaving your skin looking clear and youthful in no time.

It Hydrates Dried-Out Skin

If you think about splashing in the sea or frolicking in a pool when you hear the word vacation, you may be surprised to find out that vacations can be very dehydrating. From the increased heat to the higher alcohol consumption, there are many factors that lead to dehydration when you're on a trip. This dehydration can rapidly dry out your skin, but oxygen facials can help rehydrate your skin when you get home. During the treatment, pressurised oxygen is used to infuse hyaluronic acid deep into your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural 'super moisturiser', quickly hydrating your dried-out skin cells.

It Combats the Sun's Harmful Effects

You likely already know that sun ages the skin, but do you know why? One reason is that sunlight breaks down collagen in your skin. Collagen is an essential component of skin elasticity, which prevents the development of wrinkles. The sun is collagen's natural enemy because it encourages the overproduction of an enzyme that breaks collagen down. After a holiday to a hot place, your skin will have seen a lot of sun and it's likely that you will have suffered some collagen breakdown. Infusing oxygen and vitamins into the skin combats this because it stimulates collagen production, making your skin plumper, firmer and less likely to wrinkle.

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