3 Types of Remedial Massage That Will Help Improve Your Posture

Poor posture can curl your shoulders, jut out your ribs and position the back of your head at an abnormal angle. In other words, while it's an easy habit to fall into, it's an uncomfortable and painful one to live with. To make matters worse, pain isn't the only problem a slouching stance brings. Breathing difficulties, fatigue and more are all common issues people with poor posture report. Thankfully, there's a solution: remedial massage. Here are three types of remedial massage that could help improve your posture. 

1. Deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage is one of the most common solutions for improving posture. This kind of massage focuses on the deeper layers of your muscles and tissues, making it especially good at treating deep-rooted discomfort that comes from poor posture. By applying varied pressure in the affected areas, a deep tissue masseuse can help loosen tight muscles in the body to relieve tension or pain. The massage also reduces muscle tightness, enhancing your ability to move around. Once your body feels less restricted and more mobile, you'll find it easier to maintain good posture without discomfort. 

2. Sports massage

Whereas deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of your muscles, sports massage focuses on the softer tissues in your body. With point compression, friction, actual stretching or other movements, this type of massage increases blood circulation throughout the affected area to improve muscle recovery and performance. In turn, this improves the flexibility and elasticity of your muscles. Not only does this reduce pain, but it also helps your body's posture return to normal, alleviating the tension that can lead to slouching. 

3. Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the lesser-known types of remedial massage, but it's still highly effective in improving posture. This type of massage is characterised by its use of long gliding strokes, light and rhythmic tapping strokes and an emphasis on relaxation. By relaxing your body and calming your mind, Swedish massage works to relieve stress and tension caused by poor posture. In turn, your muscles will be restored to their normal state, promoting better posture as well as better overall well-being. 

These are just some of the many different types of remedial massage you can receive, each one focusing on different techniques to help you out. For great results in improving your posture, try seeking out a professional masseuse today and ask about which style would best fit your needs. Contact a remedial massage therapy clinic for more information. 

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