Conditions That Should Motivate You to Seek Remedial Massage Therapy

There are two main misconceptions surrounding remedial massage therapy. The first is that this is another name for a deep tissue massage and the second is that it is only necessary for athletes, but these presumptions are untrue. Remedial massages differ from their deep tissue counterparts by focussing on specific parts of the anatomy, unlike a deep tissue massage that entails manipulations on your entire body. Therefore, before you can receive a remedial massage, the therapist will have to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your posture, ligaments, muscles and even tendons so they have clarity on what could be ailing your musculoskeletal system. That being said, remedial massages are not designed exclusively for athletes since any individual can develop conditions that affect their musculoskeletal system. So how can you discern if a remedial massage would be the right treatment for you?

You have developed repetitive motion disorder

Also referred to as RMDs, these disorders encompass a variety of conditions affecting people's muscles that stem from continuous movements. Admittedly, individuals that engage in sports such as golf, tennis, boxing and even running tend to be vulnerable to this disorder. However, you should also know your line of work, for example, if you are part of an assembly line, could increase your risk of developing a repetitive motion disorder. The moment that you notice that your range of motion in that specific muscle group is in decline, whether it is your wrist or shoulder, it is advisable to get a remedial massage. The massage therapist will investigate the extent of the injury and establish how to relieve tension and restore motion to the affected muscles.

You have accumulated superficial scar tissue

When you think of scar tissue, you probably assume that you can only develop it after a major injury, but this is not always the case. In some instances, you could also develop scar tissue due to cystic scarring or even surgery. If the itchiness and tightness that comes with the scar tissue is causing you discomfort, you may want to consider remedial massage therapy to alleviate these symptoms. The first thing the remedial massage therapist will do is determine how deep the scar tissue has gone into your tissues and muscles so they can determine how best to break down the collagen fibres these scars have formed. Over time,  remedial massages can help restore your skin's elasticity while eliminating the adhesions created by the scar tissue.

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